Sunday, April 5, 2015


We are having an amazing time here in Puebla. It was so amazing to meet the Mission President and his wife. They had incredible things to say about Shane. He was always a hard worker, and the President could always count on Shane. We got to meet many of Shane's investigators and converts. One lady described Shane and his companion as Angels sent from God who saved her family.

We are lucky enough to be here in Puebla during Holy Week... Which has been incredible to see their traditions during this week. We also got to visit many Catholic Churches, Ruins, and go inside a pyramid!! The only bummer has been, on the third day I got food poisoning. I ate the same food as Brian and Shane, and I ate much less than them.... and I was the one who got sick. Such a bummer (and not fair)! Oh well, what would a trip to Mexico be without someone getting sick, right?

Well, we will be home on Tuesday! See you all then! Shane will be giving his homecoming talk on Sunday, April 12th, all are invited.

Week of 3/30/2015

Well, the end has come. It´s weird thinking that I´ll be home in a few days. Two years have gone by fast. The mission really has been the greatest experience of my life. I learned so many things that I will use for the rest of my life.

These last six weeks went by faster than any other six weeks in my mission, which surprised me. We worked hard for the first five weeks of the transfer and then during week six, I got sick! I ate what´s called a "torta cubana", which is a Mexican sandwich with just about everything on it (ham, cheese, hot dog, peppers, chicken, tomato, avocado, onion). It is just a huge good tasting, but terribly unhealthy sandwich and my stomach hasn`t been the same since. I think that I lost all the muscle weight I gained from the all the exercises I did these last couple of months. That is something that I have missed from the home, being able eat at any restaurant without having to worry about getting sick.

I made a plan and schedule of the places and people we can visit during the week. Just one recommendation: this last week it rained just about everyday, so to those who are coming to mexico with me, I would recommend bringing an umbrella or something for the rain.

I also have my talk written out... but in Spanish because I had to give a talk yesterday at church. So all I gotta do is translate it.

I don`t know what else to say because I´ll see you soon! I am excited for general conference at home eating cinnamon rolls! I am excited to see my family! I am going to miss the mission field a ton! I am excited to learn how to be a member-missionary! This is really a bittersweet moment with a lot of mixed feelings!

Anyways I am excited to see everyone. Mom and Dad, I´ll see you on Wednesday, everyone else, see you onTuesday!

Elder Shane Davis