Sunday, December 21, 2014

Week of 12/15/14

Hola muy buenas tardes todos! Another week down. My second year in the mission has been going by "de volada" (super fast). I can´t believe that I am going home a 3 and a half months. But don´t worry, I don´t think about it too much. I really don´t feel all that different.

This week we found two new great investigators named S and D. A member of the ward introduced us to them.  Something that I have learned in the mission is that generally, the good investigators that we find come from the members.

About Skype, I am thinking about calling you guys at 12:00 (which would be 10:00 in california)... would that be a good time to call? And my mission president said that we should only call our families at home and our parents, so I sent him an email asking him if that means that I can´t talk to Kannon even if we call at the same time. So I´ll let you guys know next week about that

I still haven´t gotten the package. But the zone leaders are going to mission offices tomorrow so they´ll check and see if it´s there.

Anyways, my hours up. I love you and miss you all! I am learning so much in the mission but I still have so much to learn and do better on! I am excited for this christmas season. A good time to remember Christs birth! I am grateful for this short time I have to preach and testify of him!

Elder Shane Davis

Sunday, December 14, 2014


Hello and good afternoon! This week we are writing a little bit late sorry about that. We got permission to write late because we helped a brother in the ward do some work in the afternoon. So I don`t have much time to write right now.

But this week we saw how the Lord guided us to people who are prepared. One day we were talking with people in the street and we started talking to one lady who seemed pretty receptive. So she accepted, and then she told us that her sister was a member of the church. So when we went to the appointment, her sister was there and she told us that she had always invited her to go to church and to listen to the missionaries, but she never accepted until she met us. So the Lord guided us to her because he knew that she would finally accept.

Anyways, next week I will try to make more time to write so that I can tell Kannon how to use Skype. And what time would you guys like to talk?? (I am two hours ahead of you guys... right now I am writing at almost 6:30).

I love you all and I´ll write more next week :)
Elder Shane Davis


December 1, 2014

Hola! Buenas Tardes! The weeks just keep going by super fast! Well I am now in the area of Apizaco, which is once again in the Chiautempan stake (the same stake as Atempan and Tlaxcallan) and it seems like a great ward and  great area. There are a lot of members here and with that I am pretty sure that we can find a lot of people to teach.

I am now with Elder Vela, from Coahuila Mexico (see the photo). I am actually junior companion now helping out Elder Vela because he is a brand new district leader. The mission president does that alot where he puts former and experienced district leaders (like me) with new district leader (like Elder Vela) to help them learn. I have felt great about everything up until now, and I still feel great even though I am junior companion again.

Elder Vela is a funny guy. He is slightly over emotional and always stressed out, and as his stress relief he likes to vent and talk about all of his problems at me (we are quite the opposites right?). So it`s a pretty fun companionship and we get a long great. I am glad to have the opportunity to help him out in his new responsabitlity as district leader, because it can be a little bit stressful.

This week Elder Toriz, from the quorum of the 70 visited the mission on Friday, and taught some very important things. He talked a lot about how toteach with the spirit, because if we don`t have the spirit, we can`t teach with power. That is one of the most important things that I have learned in the mission, is how to  teach. I know that I can teach alot better than I could in the past, but I know that there is still room for alot of improvement.

A couple weeks ago I started doing a lot of exercises almost everymorning, but I got sick last week and I think I lost all that I gained :( I am going to try again.

Anyways, I am learning a ton here in the mission. The Lord is teaching me many important lessons. Oh, and the church started doing something cool. They are encouraging us to share a video that the church made called "He is the Giftt" You guys should check it out: (it is about 2 minutes and 30 seconds long but its super powerful). Watch it!! I love you all and I`ll talk to you guys next week about how it`s going in the area. I love you all!!

Elder Davis