Sunday, December 21, 2014

Week of 12/15/14

Hola muy buenas tardes todos! Another week down. My second year in the mission has been going by "de volada" (super fast). I can´t believe that I am going home a 3 and a half months. But don´t worry, I don´t think about it too much. I really don´t feel all that different.

This week we found two new great investigators named S and D. A member of the ward introduced us to them.  Something that I have learned in the mission is that generally, the good investigators that we find come from the members.

About Skype, I am thinking about calling you guys at 12:00 (which would be 10:00 in california)... would that be a good time to call? And my mission president said that we should only call our families at home and our parents, so I sent him an email asking him if that means that I can´t talk to Kannon even if we call at the same time. So I´ll let you guys know next week about that

I still haven´t gotten the package. But the zone leaders are going to mission offices tomorrow so they´ll check and see if it´s there.

Anyways, my hours up. I love you and miss you all! I am learning so much in the mission but I still have so much to learn and do better on! I am excited for this christmas season. A good time to remember Christs birth! I am grateful for this short time I have to preach and testify of him!

Elder Shane Davis

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