Sunday, January 11, 2015

Week of December 22nd

Feliz Navidad everyone, I hope that all is well at home! things are going well here mexico!

Today for Pday some members from one of Elder Vela`s previous areas invited to take us out for lunch, so they took us to a cool place next to a lagoon out in the middle of nowhere. I`d send photos but the computer i am using doesn`t want to sense my camara, so i`ll send them next week.

We had pretty cool ward activity this week. In contrast to many of the very poorly organized activities that I have seen in the areas that I have been in, this activity was great. And the members of the ward  brought tons of friends. Again, i would send you guys some photos, but i`ll do it next week.

On  Saturday we had a pretty great experience. We went to an appointment with someone that we had previously talked to in the street,  (an older lady that is at least 75 or 80 years old), and when we got there she was with her doctor. So we started talking with them, and Leopoldo was super interested. As we started teaching, he told us that he always felt that something was missing in his life. He told us that his daughter died at only a couple months a couple years ago. He told us the message we had was the message he needed to hear. So, he was super prepared to hear the gospel message, the only sad thing is is that he lives in another area, but anyways its the same work.

Anyways, I`ll talk you guys on thursday! I told Dad that 11:15 (9:15 your time) would be fine with me! And one more thing, I want a picture of you guys with th e  christmas tree! Love you all and I am excited to talk on thursday!

Elder Shane

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