Sunday, January 25, 2015

Week of 1/19/2015

Hello and good afernoon everyone I hope that all is well at home. I am surprised that Justine got another job! I had so much trouble getting a job before I left. 

This week we had an interesting change on the baptismal date of the family we are working with. The mom has been having problems with her sight... as in she is nearly blind and getting worse. So she is going to get some laser eye sugery on Saturday, and for that reason she won`t be able to get baptized after her surgery for a couple weeks. She has already attended church 5 times so she can already get baptized, but her daughters, have only attended 4 times. Luckily we talked with President Christensen (the mission president) and he told us that it is better for all three of them to baptized together . So if all goes well in their interviews, all three of them will be baptized this friday, before the mom has her surgery.

My companion taught me how to clean and cook beans, and then refry them (see the pictures). I learned that you can make refried beans in the blender. 

Sorry, I didn`t write that much this week and now we have to go to an appointment. But I love you all and I`ll talk to you more next week. And by the way... I think that the package you sent me got lost in the mail :( I´ll let you know if by some miracle I get it.

Love you all,
Elder Shane Davis

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Week of January 12th, 2015

Hello and good afternoon! Justine: don´t get into a habbit of regularly getting fired ok!? This week we had an interesting week.

On Tuesday morning, when I woke up, my foot hurt; it didn´t hurt super bad, but I couldn´t put much weight on my heel. I thought that I could just walk it out and the pain would go away. So after walking it out for two whole days of walking without putting any weight on my heel, the pain got worse. So I decided to get it looked at in the hospital. And they made me rest for two whole days! :( That kind of sucked. I left the house only to go to appointments that were close to the house. But after resting for a little while my foot doesn´t hurt. We think that I only strained a muscle or a tendon or something like that. Neither me nor my companion know what I did... but everythings alright now, Ill be able to walk just fine this week.

This week we are going to have a zone conference with the mission president. It was sort of a surprise to us because we just a conference a little bit ago, but i imagine that he has some important things to tell us. 

This week we had a good experience. In our area, we pretty much never use public transport because the area is small. But my companion had to do a baptismal interview for someone in another ward, and to get there we had to take the microbus (it´s just a van with a lot of seats that acts like a bus), which can fit about 10 or 15 people. So before getting on, I said a little prayer asking God to put someone in the van that would accept listening. So I gave hadnout cards to everyone and talked a little bit about the restoration and asked everyone in board if they would be interested in hearing more. Out of everyone, only the last person said yes and was very interested in hearing more (which is lucky, because many times nobody says yes). But I feel good about it, because many times we need to talk with many people to find a few that are interested. 

I attached a photo of me in front of a place called "Plaza de Toros", a famous place in our area where they do bullfighting with those wierdly dressed guys with red sheets saying "toro toro!!" One brother in the ward told us that in bull fights, they fight the bulls until they kill it... and then they sell the meat in butcher´s shops. I thought that was kind of funny.

Anyways, as i always have said, the mission has thus far been the best experience of my life. I don´t want it to end! I bought some protein powder today; I hope that I can look good when I get home! Keep working hard to share the gospel! Be the type of people that the Lord can trust! and i´ll try my hardest to do the same!

Until Next Week,
Elder Shane

Sunday, January 11, 2015


Week of January 5, 2015

Hello and happy new years everyone! I hope that all is well at home.

News about transfers: my companion and I are staying together here in Apizaco. I am excited to stay here for another change. I am pretty sure that I will finish my mission here.

I attached a photo of me on new years eve drinking a Martinelli. I was splits with the another missionary that day so I am no in my house (there was a lot of trash everywhere in that missionary`s house).

Things are still going good in the are... but I want them to go better so we are going to work hard this transfer. Lately there hasn`t been many people at home. We had a few investigators go out of town and they get back this week. So we are going to work extra hard this week

I think I told you all a little bit about the mom, and her two daughters, who are three awesome investigators. They are progressing very well right now. The three of them all attended church on sunday (which is one of the hardest thing to get investigators here to do), and they loved it and they want to make weekly church attendance a part of their life. They are going to be baptized on Jan. 31.

Anyways, things are going great. We are in the search for more investigators like them, we have been finding a good amount of people to teach, so we are going to teach them and see how they progress in this coming weeks. I love you all! Thanks for your support and prayers! Keep being the best missionaries that you can be!

Elder Shane


Week of December 29th

Hello everyone! Thanks for the letters and the pictures you sent me! The computer didn`t let me see the video :( But overall we had a great christmas. We ate well with a family in the ward. It was great to talk with you all on Christmas. For new year`s I found a Martinelli in a store (which is a rare sight) so me and my companion are going to enjoy it new year`s eve

We found two new investigators that are very interested in listening: Abigail and her mom, Fernanda. We had our first lesson on Saturday and ther want to keep listening, the sad thing is, is that they are going to go out of town for two weeks so we won`t we able to teach them for a little while.

On also on Saturday we did divisions with the members. Before we split up, we agreed on meeting eachother again in the center of Apizaco at 2:00. So when me and Abinadi (the member that went with me) got to the center at 2 o clock, we didn`t see my companion. So we started waiting, and while waiting, we also started talking to people that were sitting down, because there are always a ton of people in the center. My companion didn`t actually show up until 3:00, an hour after we had agreed to meet up. But in that hour we talked to a bunch of people, so it was pretty fun. And Abinadi is preparing for his mission so it was fun to teach him how to contact people.

Anyways, we are entering into the last week of the transfer, and as you may already, I will tell you all next week who will be going and who will be staying in the area!

I love you all a bunch! I love the mission! Talk to you all next week!

Elder Shane

Week of December 22nd

Feliz Navidad everyone, I hope that all is well at home! things are going well here mexico!

Today for Pday some members from one of Elder Vela`s previous areas invited to take us out for lunch, so they took us to a cool place next to a lagoon out in the middle of nowhere. I`d send photos but the computer i am using doesn`t want to sense my camara, so i`ll send them next week.

We had pretty cool ward activity this week. In contrast to many of the very poorly organized activities that I have seen in the areas that I have been in, this activity was great. And the members of the ward  brought tons of friends. Again, i would send you guys some photos, but i`ll do it next week.

On  Saturday we had a pretty great experience. We went to an appointment with someone that we had previously talked to in the street,  (an older lady that is at least 75 or 80 years old), and when we got there she was with her doctor. So we started talking with them, and Leopoldo was super interested. As we started teaching, he told us that he always felt that something was missing in his life. He told us that his daughter died at only a couple months a couple years ago. He told us the message we had was the message he needed to hear. So, he was super prepared to hear the gospel message, the only sad thing is is that he lives in another area, but anyways its the same work.

Anyways, I`ll talk you guys on thursday! I told Dad that 11:15 (9:15 your time) would be fine with me! And one more thing, I want a picture of you guys with th e  christmas tree! Love you all and I am excited to talk on thursday!

Elder Shane