Sunday, January 25, 2015

Week of 1/19/2015

Hello and good afernoon everyone I hope that all is well at home. I am surprised that Justine got another job! I had so much trouble getting a job before I left. 

This week we had an interesting change on the baptismal date of the family we are working with. The mom has been having problems with her sight... as in she is nearly blind and getting worse. So she is going to get some laser eye sugery on Saturday, and for that reason she won`t be able to get baptized after her surgery for a couple weeks. She has already attended church 5 times so she can already get baptized, but her daughters, have only attended 4 times. Luckily we talked with President Christensen (the mission president) and he told us that it is better for all three of them to baptized together . So if all goes well in their interviews, all three of them will be baptized this friday, before the mom has her surgery.

My companion taught me how to clean and cook beans, and then refry them (see the pictures). I learned that you can make refried beans in the blender. 

Sorry, I didn`t write that much this week and now we have to go to an appointment. But I love you all and I`ll talk to you more next week. And by the way... I think that the package you sent me got lost in the mail :( I´ll let you know if by some miracle I get it.

Love you all,
Elder Shane Davis

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