Sunday, February 1, 2015

Week of 1/26/2015

Hey, whats crackin! Luckily this week, everything went well with the family we are working with. They were baptized on Friday and confirmed on Sunday. I had the opportunity to baptize the mom.Elder Vela baptized one of the daughters, and another missionary baptized the other daughter.

the mom, today goes in to get surgery for her eyes. So let`s hope that all goes well, she was pretty nervous. But they three have changed alot since we started teaching them. The daughter (21 years old) was a partier. every weekend she would go to parties and sleep all day sunday. Now she has completely stopped going to parties and has started going to church every Sunday.   The other daughter (16) was starting to follow the way of the average teenager. The mom was a very worried and disappointed mother whose husband died 2 years ago. She is losing her eyesight and therefore can hardly work. So they as a family sell food as a living. The oldest daughter has a three year old son and is a month or two pregnant with another. The gospel brought a new light into their lives. She is now is learning how to be a mother and wants her three year old son to be a missionary one day. And The 16 year old said that she wants to be a missionary when she turns 19.

It`s awesome to see the gospel change lives.

Lately our leaders have started urging us to use family history more especially with recent converts, and they also gave us permission to take extra time on the internet to use the Family Search website to find information. They gave a little booklet called My Family, so today I looked for information to fill out the booklet until at least my great grandparents to use as an example while teaching about family history and temple work. Anyways, I encourage you all to keep working in family history and doing to ordinances for those who did not have the chance to do them for themselves. It is actually a great way to interest some people in the church.

Anyways, The mission is awesome. I love you and miss you all and I´ll talk to you more next week!

Elder shane davis

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