Sunday, February 15, 2015

Week of 2/9/2015

Hola mi familia! Espero que todo esté bien en casa! We had a really interesting week

Elder Vela got super sick. We ate tacos on tuesday night, then he woke up super sick the next day (I didn`t get sick at all). On wednesday he was throwing up, he said that his bones hurt, etc. So on Thursday we went to the hopsital to get him looked at (see picture), and they stuck in an IV to hook his veins to a bag of medicine, they took a blood test and he tested positive for Salmonela :0. So he had to take it easy all week. He also has a special diet now where he can only eat boiled vegetables, chicken, and tortillas for 2 weeks (poor guy).

We did splits with the members for a little while where one member stayed with him, and I left with someone else to go out and teach people. It`s a bit hard to work like that because we can`t always find brothers in the ward who are ready, available and willing. Luckily he started feeling better yesterday, so this week he should be good enough to work.

Last week Dad challenged me to do 100 push ups everyday, and last week I did it, except for yesterday, being Sunday. And today I started out the week doing 125. The first day I did it, my chest hurt super bad... but now I hardly feel anything.

Anyways, things are going good in the area. Last week we didn`t have a lot of time to teach the people that we have started teaching because my companion was sick, but this week should be great, I am excited. But this week is the last week of the transfer... and then next week I begin my last transfer :0 !! Time keeps going by fast! In this next transfer, I don`t really care if I´m junior companion or senior companion, I just want someone who wants to work hard. But we are going to work hard this week. I´ll let you know next week who is going and who is staying in the area!

I love you and thanks for the letters!
Until next week,
Elder Davis

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