Sunday, February 8, 2015

Week of 2/2/2015

Hello and buenas tardes. I hope all is well at home. Thanks for the emails.

Today, my companion and I went to a zoo close by. It cost us 10 pesos to get in (which is less than a dollar). It was pretty cool. I am pretty sure my companion took more than 100 pictures. just about all of the animals were asleep. I was pretty excited to see the bears, but they aleep in a position where we could only see their feet. But it was fun.

We found a great new investigator this week. This lady talked to the missionaries of another ward in the street, then they gave us her address. We started teaching her this week. She already said that she wants to be baptized but first we need to get her to church.

One of the biggest struggles with the people here is that they aren´t home when they say they´re going to be home. We find a bunch of good people to teach, and then they aren´t there for their appointments. After that happens we have to spend a couple of days, sometimes more, to find them and to start teaching them again. It`s always fun doing that, but I love finding investigators that are punctual.

Well, time is flying by. But the mission has really been the best two years thus far. I only have two months left to do as much as can, and help as many people as I can. I love you all! Keep sharing the gospel as much as you can by your example and word! Until next week

Elder Shane

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