Sunday, December 14, 2014


Hello and good afternoon! This week we are writing a little bit late sorry about that. We got permission to write late because we helped a brother in the ward do some work in the afternoon. So I don`t have much time to write right now.

But this week we saw how the Lord guided us to people who are prepared. One day we were talking with people in the street and we started talking to one lady who seemed pretty receptive. So she accepted, and then she told us that her sister was a member of the church. So when we went to the appointment, her sister was there and she told us that she had always invited her to go to church and to listen to the missionaries, but she never accepted until she met us. So the Lord guided us to her because he knew that she would finally accept.

Anyways, next week I will try to make more time to write so that I can tell Kannon how to use Skype. And what time would you guys like to talk?? (I am two hours ahead of you guys... right now I am writing at almost 6:30).

I love you all and I´ll write more next week :)
Elder Shane Davis

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