Sunday, April 5, 2015


We are having an amazing time here in Puebla. It was so amazing to meet the Mission President and his wife. They had incredible things to say about Shane. He was always a hard worker, and the President could always count on Shane. We got to meet many of Shane's investigators and converts. One lady described Shane and his companion as Angels sent from God who saved her family.

We are lucky enough to be here in Puebla during Holy Week... Which has been incredible to see their traditions during this week. We also got to visit many Catholic Churches, Ruins, and go inside a pyramid!! The only bummer has been, on the third day I got food poisoning. I ate the same food as Brian and Shane, and I ate much less than them.... and I was the one who got sick. Such a bummer (and not fair)! Oh well, what would a trip to Mexico be without someone getting sick, right?

Well, we will be home on Tuesday! See you all then! Shane will be giving his homecoming talk on Sunday, April 12th, all are invited.

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