Saturday, April 20, 2013

Shane's 1st MTC letter

Como le va familia?

Well, many have said that the first few days at the MTC are miserable, but I am loving it here so far. It is hard and I have been busy since the moment that I stepped in, but the Spirit is so strong here! It was funny, all the missionaries only on the first day, have an orange sticker on their tag, making them stand out from everybody else. It seemed as if everybody was going out of their way to "say welcome to the MTC" to everybody with an orange tag.
My companion's name is Elder Guinn, and he is a pretty awesome guy. He is well over 6 feet tall, he has been playing basketball since he was born, and he is also going to Mexico, Noeth Puebla.

There are 6 Elders in our room and we 6 make up our whole district. In our room we have, Elder Nicholes, Elder Yorgason, Elder Patten, Elder Thomas, Elder Guinn (mi companero), and me. There are all great guys and I respect all of them.

Sadly, Elder Thomas went home yesterday unannounced for some unknown reason. I thought that he was doing pretty great too! With his absence, Elder Nichols joined my companionship and I was made the senior companion over us three for the next two weeks.

Right now, we are teaching Jorge (who is a teacher acting as an investigator). We taught him about prayer yesterday (in Spanish), and though our vocabulary was severely limited I think that we did pretty well. We are going to teach him again later today.

The food here is pretty decent, but Dad, you were right, I have been gassy since I started eating the food.*(this sentence does not need to go in the blog if there is one).
Right now, I can't upload pictures onto this computer so I will email you guys some pictures next chance I get.

I don't remember whether or not you guys got my mailing address but here it is:

MTC Mailbox #289
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, Utah 84604-1793

And I will most likely be on my email every Saturday at 2:15 Utah time

Well, I love and miss you guys! and I will write you all some time soon.


Elder Davis

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