Friday, April 26, 2013

MTC Letter #2

This week has been an excellent week. I love everyone in my district and I love both my companions! I have only been here for a little over a week but it feels like it has been a lot longer! My Spanish is coming a long quite nicely. I am learning that the harder I study the language and try to learn it, the more help I will receive from the God.

We have been teaching Jorge (who is actually Brother Taledo who is acting as an investigator) for about a week now. We have really done a great job teaching him! we learned so much. One really important thing that me and my two companions learned from teaching Jorge is that if we can get to know him better, then we are also able to teach him better and relate the lessons to his life. Jorge is addicted to drugs and we were able to give him a reason to quit using drugs and show him that he could receive help from God because of the Atonement. On Wednesday he committed to baptism but after the lesson, he gave us some feedback and said that we need to be more organized in our lesson. Then on Thursday, he had nothing bad to say about our lesson: we had relied on the spirit more on what to say and we did so much better than we we doing at the beginning of the lessons. We got him to throw away his drugs right there! It was an awesome experience, even though it is all role-play.

This morning our branch went to the temple and the Provo Temple is super pretty inside and out. I can't wait to go next week. I sent you some pictures.

I also have to tell you guys about my Branch President here. His name is President Tyler; he is an older guy, storyteller type. I could imagine him speaking in conference... he is that good of a speaker!

I love you all! I miss you, but don't worry, I am not homesick. I am going to start to write you guys more than once a week now because I bought some paper and envelopes... I just need to find the time to write though.

Thank you all family and friends that have written me this week! I really appreciate the letters!

P.S. Kannon, I learned a good pick up line, too bad I can't use it for two years: "Dang girl! you must have problems with the Word of Wisdom, because you are!"

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