Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Week 2 in Puebla


On wednesday, I went on splits because Elder Alejandre is the District Leader and he has to do that every once in a while. I went with Elder Tomayo, who is from Tijuana. His area is in the Centro de Mercado, where are the people, stores, and wierd buildings are. 

The other day, we counted and we have 15 investigators right now. I can`t name every one of them yet, but we have 3 families: Maricruz familia, Rio Mendez familia, and Guadalupe`s family (I forget the last name).  The Maricruz familia  consists of grandma, grandpa, daughter (who is around 30) and 2nd daughter + novio and their 2 year old son. The Maricruz familia attended sacrament meeting yesterday! We found the Rio Mendez and Guadelupe familias last week.

I think that I am starting to understand un poquito more Spanish! Slowly but surely, Ill eventually be able to understand and speak Spanish, but there is a bit of a communication barrier between me and my companion.

The weather right now isnt too bad. It gets a little hot in the afternoons but it usually cools down by 5 or 6. And it has been raining every other afternoon for about 10 minutes, then it stops. I think that it will start raining more as  we get further into the rainy season.

For both Pdays, we played soccer for a while at the church. Last week we played with the entire district (8 Elders) and then, we ate at a pretty delicious restaurant; the food here is pretty cheap. if it was expensive, then nobody would be able to afford it.

Kannon: I heard that you got a job at Blondies! Say hi to the workers there for me!

Well, this has been a pretty awesome week! Spanish is hard, but its coming along. I love you all so much! Thank you everyone for the emails! I am just about out of time, so ill talk to you next week!

Elder Davis

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