Sunday, June 2, 2013

Our Phone Call from Shane from the Airport

We got to talk to Shane on the phone before he flew off to Mexico. It was a great conversation. Shane was so excited to get going. He loved the MTC, but he is ready to get to Mexico and get going and start using his Spanish. We haven't heard from Shane since he has been in Mexico; but, we did get a letter from his Mission President and his wife.

The letter said that we raised a fine son! They assured us that he is in good hands and that he was assigned to his companion. They also mentioned the Puebla is perhaps the safest area in the country of Mexico. They said the people are friendly and helpful. The wards and stakes are strong and very active.

Shane gets an hour a week to read and respond to emails. Usually using is the best way..... but, we have a little kink in that right now. We noticed that there isn't a North Puebla drop down menu on dear elder, only a South Puebla. I am looking into this to figure out what to do about that. Meanwhile. If you want to write Shane, his email is

Because he doesn't get much time on the internet, please keep emails very short. If you want to write more his actual address would be better:

Elder Shane Davis
Oficina Mision Mexico Puebla Norte
Av. 25 Sur#907
col. La Paz
Puebla, Puebla, C.P. 72160

Shane sends his love to everyone!!!!

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