Well, I'll start off by saying that I GOT MY VISA!! and I GOT MY TRAVEL PLANS!! I am leaving Monday morning!
On Tuesday, I went to go check the mail, then I saw some of the other Elders going to Mexico, Puebla North (they are not in my zone) and they said that the travel office wanted Elder Guinn and me (who is also going to my mission), The travel office told us that we are going to Salt Lake City to the Mexican Consolate so that they can take our pictures and fingerprints for our Visas. So we took the train up to Salt Lake, they took our pictures and fingerprints, then we went back to Provo.

It was interesting, we talked to a few people on the way... and to put it bluntly, theere are a lot of weirdos in the city. As we were walking to the Consolate from the train, some lady comes up to me and starts asking for a pass along card and asking a little bit about the church. I didn't have any cards or anything, then Elder Guinn started talking to her a little, then I told her about Mormon.org and then she said that she was already Mormon... I don't really know what to think about the whole situation, but it was kinda weird.
I got my Travel plans yesterday! My plane leaves from Salt Lake at 8:15 on Monday Morning! And it arrives in Texas at 11:55, then it leaves from Dallas, Texas at 6:35 pm to Puebla and is supposed to arrive at 9:10 pm. I don't really know what time that is in California time though. I think that I am spending more time in the airport than I am on the plane. When would it be better to call you all? At 7:00 in the morning or some time during my time in the Dallas Airport?
I attached a photo of me and Elder Gillis, mi nuevo companero, and a picture of a poster that the Running Springs Branch Primary made for me. Thank you to the primary for making that, that was super awesome! I can only attach one or two photos per email so I will send you some more.
I love you all so much! I am super excited to leave to Mexico, my true adventures are just beginning!
Elder Davis