Friday, May 17, 2013


Well, a lot has happened this week! It has been an awesome week.
First, on Friday, just after I sent my last email, I got a new companion! (I sent a letter home on monday explaining some of this... and i also sent a Mother's day letter home, did you get it yet??). My new companion's name is Elder Gillis. He advanced from the beginning class to my intermediate Spanish Class. Elder Gillis is from Canada. We get along pretty well and he fits in very well with our District. He moved into our room also, so now we have six Elders in one bedroom. So yeah... it's a little bit crowded. I am no longer in a threesome companionship.
Then, on Tuesday for devotional, some a little bit important spoke. Elder Russel M. Nelson spoke to us and gave an excellent devotional!!! On that day, most of our district sang in the choir, because if you sing in the choir, then you get a guaranteed seat the auditorium that can only seat about half of the missionaries MTC (everyone else watches it in the overflow). They don't tell anyone who is speaking in the devotional until it happens though, so we just got lucky that we were there on the right day.
Then on Wednesday, I volunteered my district to be hosts for the incoming missionaries. It was a lot of fun and I would recommend for anyone going to the MTC to do that at least once. as a host, i met the new missionaries and their parents (or whoever was dropping them off) at the curb, we took the missionary and his luggage to their rooms, then I took the missionary to the classroom and dropped them off while talking to them and helping them feel welcome the whole way through. I was able to host 4 different missionaries. it was pretty awesome!
I was able to see Elder Blake Sculling yesterday! He was a little sick the first night but he is doing awesome now! His companion is going to India... English speaking haha.
I still haven't heard anything about my Visa.
I sent Ynez a letter,  I can't remember when I sent though... it was either this week or the last.
I will send one more email in a little while with some pictures.
I love you all so much! I love hearing from you guys throughout the week! Thank you Kim and Eric's family for those adorable letters! You guys are an amazing family!

Thank you Craig Davis family for the care packages!
Elder Davis

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