Sunday, May 12, 2013

Week 4

Hey family!

They his been another great week!

Earlier in the week, I found out that i am a little bit related to two of the missionaries in my district. Elder Yorgason, Hermana Call, and I are all related to Anson Call.

This week, we finally had a little bit of a break through with our investigator Luis (played by our teacher hermano Johnston). Luis is a very smart, intellectual, logical college student. He always asks questions that are a bit hard to answer in espanol. He seemed very interested when he learned that the Bible talks about the Pre-earthly life (Jeremiah chapter 1: "I knew thee before you were born"... I forget the verse). we also taught Jorge (played by Hermano Toledo) last night. I attached a picture of me and Hermano Toledo. The lesson went really well; we taught him about the Atonement and he loved it! after the lesson hermano Toledo told us that we are ready, he said that if we were put on the plane to Mexico right now that we would do fine!

During winter semester at byu-i, in the Prospective-Missionary Program, our PMP group had three of the same classes, so we all became really good friends. Two of my friends (Elder Matt Farnsworth and Elder Dalton Oakey) in the group during the semester, are both going to San Fernando, CA and they both entered the MTC on Wednesday. I saw them both and they are companions! it was pretty good seeing them both.
My Spanish is coming along surprisingy well! I can give entire Preach My Gospel lessons in Spanish with only stumbling a few times.

From this Monday, I have only two weeks before I leave the MTC!! I haven't heard anything about my Visa yet; I don't know whether or not I will be able to get it on time. But i'm not too worried, Mexico isn't giving most other missionaries problems; Almost all of the missionaries going to Brazil however are getting reassigned while they are waiting for their Visa. So don't worry, i am confident that the Davis Dynasty will eventually get into Mexico!

Thank you everybody that has written me this week! I love hearing about the family but I don't have quite enough time to respond to everybody. Oh and by the way, i won't be able to call on Mother's Day! Just in while in the airport.

I love you all so much! and I miss you all! Kannon, Justine, and Braden, I am so proud of you all for being such great siblings!


Elder Davis

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