Thursday, June 27, 2013

Well, as I said last week for Pday, our zone climbed a mountain called Malinche. Apparently its over 14,000 feet high (I just looked at it, it is 40 shorter than Mt. Whitney)! It was a pretty tough hike... the trail pretty much just went straight up the mountain with no turns or curves. Pictures 163 shows that pretty well. There were a good amount of elders in the zone that never made it to the top, one of these was my very own companion and trainer, Elder Alejandre. I really wanted a picture with him at the top of a mountain.

La obra misional: right now, the family of Maricruz has a baptismal date, the family of Guadelupe has accepted baptism but not a specific date (yet), and one guy that has a baptismal date, but we can never find him (so irritating!).

in the maricruz family, the grandma, the daughter, and the son´s girlfriend have a baptismal date. but the daughter and the son need to get married, however the grandmother is just about ready for baptism. they all attended  church yesterday!

In the family of guadelupe, there is the mom, guadelupe, and her three sons. Her three sons have been attending church but she cant because she works on sundays, but she is trying to switch her schedule.

Ángel is an interesting situation; when we visited a family in the ward, one of the daughters had her boyfriend Ángel was over at the time. He has been attending seminary with the daughter, and has been reading the Book of Mormon already. So we taught the Restoration, invited him to baptism and he accepted, and we havent seen him since. I dont know why but the daughter isnt helping us find him. its a little bit irritating.

anyways, Spanish is difficult. I am really glad that I studied spanish as much as i did before the mission! But it is coming along well. I dont have much trouble teaching and understanding the gospel in Spanish, but as soon as the subject turns away from the missionary lessons, I cant really understand much. But I am making progress! I do feel like I speak significantly better than I did 4 weeks ago! (by the way Dad: si usted quiere poner acentos, cambie el idioma del teclado a español).

right now we are starting to get into the rainy season. It is starting to rain almost everyday. for two days, we didnt see the sun, but now it is hot again (hot to me is 80 degrees)

Love you all so much! thank for the letters! I am glad that you are doing well! I am super happy for you kannon, and your new job at the dog farm (what is that exactly?). 

I will see you in 22 months!

Elder Davis

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