Sunday, July 7, 2013

Week 5 July 1

Hola familia!

Tell Dakota congratulations! that is an exciting mission! when is he leaving?

And now to answer Dad's questions:
In general, are the people nice to missionaries?
yeah, the people are pretty friendly here! the members love the missionaries, they feed us pretty well.

Have you been in any scary situations?
Well, nothing that scary. One time, it was raining and we were walking to our next appointment when a car pulls over and offers to drive us. The driver was driving a trashy beaten down bug (which is a very popular thing here), he was covered in tattoos, i dont know what my companion was thinking, but he entered the car and i had no choice but to follow. The driver told me in broken English that he has friends in the "southside" while showing me his tattoo on his hand of 13. then we asked to be dropped off not very far from the point that he picked us up. it was interesting

How are your allergies/ sniffing?
My allergies are fine, except when we teach someone with cats. Carmen, a less active member has 10 cats. The Juarez family (most of whom are inactive) has 15 cats. The family of Maricruz just got a cat. There are a lot of cats. Dogs are always outside, so they arent a problem. 

Any sickness?
I think that I have a cold right now, but I haven't gotten really sick ...yet. Everybody gets food poisoning eventually.

Have you had any really hot foods?
Not that bad. The members that feed us intentionally take out all the spice in just about all the food because they know that they will be feeding a gringo. I like spicy foods, but the people here like it quite a bit spicier than I do.

Any embarrassing moments?
Well, the only white people that anybody ever sees here are wearing a white shirt and a black nametag, so I get a few stares but, I can`t recall anything too embarrasing.

With a sister in the ward (who is retired and has a lot of time on her hands) we made these little dolls last week for Pday (she did almost everything). They are pretty cool. Elder Alejandre`s looks like Harry Potter and mine looks like Draco Malfoy. But it is a pretty cool little souvenir.

No baptisms yet. We have two families that are progressing alot though. Maricruz was going to get baptized this saturday, but her hopefully-soon-to-be-daughter-in-law needs to get married. Guadelupe`s family wants to be baptized but wont commit to a date. We still havent found Àngel...

By the way, I dont know if any body has sent me physical mail, but it takes about a month for it to get to the mission offiices, and we dont go the the offices very often to pick up mail because it is two hours away.

I am going to be in a play (we all know how much I love drama). My zone leader, Elder barnes is putting on a play of the restoration to attract investigators. It is an interesting idea. I will be playing the part of Joseph smith. The part is 30 seconds long, and I dont say anything (I have no complaints). I have to show emotion; its wierd.

Well, my hour is up. Thank you everyone for the emails. Life is great! I love you all so much! Kannon: all that I have to say about your accomplishment is congrats. You are such an amazing family!

Con amor,
Èlder Davis

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