Sunday, July 21, 2013

Week 7 in Puebla

Well, I took pictures this week. The volcano Popocatepetl (popo for short) exploded a little bit. I want to climb it, but it is not in our mission, it is so tall that we can see it from very far away.

Dad: That is awesome! You are going to be a great counselor! I hope that the meetings that come with the calling are fun!

We have one baptismal date right now! but she doesnt live in the area, she works as a iron-er (yes, she earns her pay by ironing shirts) in our area. we can teach her but we cant baptize her. I still call that success!

Mom: Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... soon
Kannon: why didnt I get a letter from you this week?
Everyone except Kannon: thanks for the letters, I love recieving emails you guys!

Today for Pday, we played fútbol (I shouldnt have to translate that) with two other companionships in our district and with some of the young men in the ward (including one investigator). It was pretty fun, though I am not that great at soccer.

I feel like my Spanish is improving. Yesterday I saw one of the elders that was in the MTC at the same time as me, his spanish was a little worse than mine, that made me happy... just kidding.

We just recieved two sister missionaries in our district. The mission president, President Christensen said that he is trying to have 50% Elders and 50% Sisters by the end of the year, that will be interesting because when I came to Puebla, there were 8 sisters and more than 120 elders in the mission.

Well, I love you all so much, thank you for the letters this week (except kannon). oh, and this Wednesday, I will have reached the three month mark in the mission (including the mtc). Thank you all for being awesome!

Èlder Davis

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