Sunday, July 28, 2013

Week 8

We are going to baptze this saturday! I believe that I have told you guys about Guadelupe´s family (Guadelupe the mom, and her three sons Enrique, Fernando, and Angel). We will be baptizing her three sons. Guadelupe wants to be baptzed, but she works every Sunday and can never make it to church. She is trying to changge her schedule but it might take a while. Enrique (15 years old), Fernando (10), and Angel (9) have been attending church every Sunday for the past while and they will be baptized right now, and their mom later. I am pretty confident that everything will go through with this baptism, though it happens a lot where people dont show up or lose desires right at before.

I think I told you all earlier that my zone leaders decided to have all the 30 missionaries in the zone do a play in order to find investigators, well we did it last night. In the play, we pretty taught the lesson of the Restoration of the Gospel in theatrical form. They asked me to be Joseph Smith when he was younger. It was interesting. But my part was 30 seconds long and I didnt say anything (no complaints there). They pay consisted of the Apostasy, the First Vision, and the Book of Mormon. My companion was a Lamanite in the play (see the first picture). My scene consisted of a pastor of a different church telling me that I am going to go to hell if I dont find a correct church, a different pastor telling me that I should find a good church, I read James 1:5, then they showed the first vision on a movie. Everyone wanted pictures with me afterward, we all know how much I like attention. It was very interesting way to find investigators, but we now have like ten references that we need to contact this week, so I guess that it worked!

I feel like I can communicate pretty well now in Spanish (in comparison with 8 weeks ago). I can understand most of what people are saying, I can say just about everything I need to say (if i say it slowly). i have still got a ton to learn though. Something kind of funny: my zone leader who is from the US, who has been in Mexico for more than 20 months knows how to speak Spanish pretty well, but he has a pretty hilarious accent. Ask Dad to speak Spanish in the most gringo accent that he can, and youll know how it is.

I am glad that the Catalina trip was awesome! thanks for the pictures! congrats on catching those sharks.

The Lord is definitely hastening His work. The Brethren have started to put more and more missionary-related responsibilities on the members of the Church. I dont know if you guys saw it a few weeks ago, but there was a missionary broadcast thing done by the Church encouraging mission Presidents to start changing the was missionary work is done, encouraging the members and the missionaries to work in unity in missionary work. In our mission, we dont spend afternoons  knocking on doors or contacting in the street, we do just about all of our work through references of the members and very little through our own finding efforts. Yesterday, we as missionaries hardly brought anyone to the play, but we encouraged the members to do all of that. i encourage you guys to partcipate in missionary work at home. Think about how the gospe has blessed you, think about how it can bless your friend´s lives, then tell the missionaries about those friends. Kannon: spend an afternoon with the working with missionaries one day, I wish that I did that more! -D&C 123:12

I love you all so much! Thanks for the pictures and the letters this week! until next week!
Élder Davis

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