Sunday, August 4, 2013

Week 9

We finally baptized on Saturday! Enrique (15 years old), Fernando (9 years old), and Angel (8 years old) all were baptized. I got to baptize Enrique and Angel, and Elder Alejandre baptized Fernando. It was pretty awesome! Enrique is pretty good and mature kid that needed a little more direction in his life, the gospel will give him a lot more than he ever thought that he needed. Their mom (Guadelupe) cant get baptized yet because she can very rarely attend church on Sundays because she works. But she want to get baptized but decided to let her kids go first until she can switch her schedule. Oh, and Enrique is going to EFY this week too, I think that will help him stay strong in the church.

I believe that earlier, I told you all about out investigator Olga. She is a little bit loca but she has a great interest in the church and she is probaly in her late 30s or early 40s. We took her on a tour of the church building a couple days ago. We showed her a picture with all the presidents of the Church on it, and as we all know, they all were really old except Joseph Smith. When she saw the picture of Joseph Smith, She started saying "Wow! he is really good looking! the best looking prophet there was with the blue eyes... wow!" and that went on for a minute or two, then she looked at me and held up the picture of Joseph Smith next to my face and said: "You look alot like him! its no wonder why they chose you to be Joseph Smith in the play. if Joseph was that good looking, I betcha Jesus was even more good looking than him! He must have been tall and muscular..." then I shared the scripture Isaiah 53: 1-3 ... read it.

By the way, I got the Dear Elder that Mom sent 2 and a half months ago... just thought I´d let you know.

Well, I really dont have much more to share about this week, Kannon: I hope you had fun at EFy (he wont get this until after he gets back) and remember that you will be going on a mission in probably about a year, see D&C 84:85. I love you all so much! until next week!!

√Člder Davis

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