Friday, July 12, 2013

Week 6

Well, this is the last day of my first 6 weeks the first cambio (I dont know the word for that in english, ask dad). I will be staying with my companion because  training goes for 3 month (2 cambios). but dont worry, Elder Alejandre is awesome. 

First: something funny about Tlaxcala (the state of mexico that I am in). In order to advertise, cars drive around with these ghetto looking megaphone type speakers that advertise some really loud. There are these trucks that go around selling propane tanks (apparently propane is quite popular here). The play this stupid song that says gas ever other beat super loudly. People walk around with carts selling corn, tamales and other little snacks screaming there heart out the item that they are selling (the lucky ones have a megaphone). They do the same thing for politics too. they just had an election for state government, but before the election, cars would drive around with megaphones strapped to the top playing annoying songs that get into you head. I dont know how people decide to vote here, but maybe some vote for the candidate with the loudest speakers, or the best song, I dont know, but i am glad that the elections are over.

Now for moms questions:
1. Do you ever get to play the piano, if so when?
I got to play once or twice, but I have only seen two pianos since I have been here, one in my chapel, and the other piano was in a different chapel. It is kind of funny, there is almost no musical talent here, there is one brother in the ward that plays, but he insists that his 13 year old daughter plays during church so that she can learn. she only plays the top single note of each hymn, and one time she played the wrong song... its interesting.
2. Are you able to teach the discussions in spanish? How are you feeling about your spanish?
Well, the discussions are just about the only thing that I can speak in spanish. when the subject is about the Gospel I cant understand much at all. but I do feel that I have progressed alot in this first 6 weeks. I do all of my studies in Spanish and I can understand just about everything.I am not worried at all
3. Do you feel your testimony growing? Please share any spiritual experiences you have had.
Definitely! Something that is pretty awesome is learning to let the Spirit teach through me. often times during a lesson, the Spirit will put into my mind something that I should say, or a point that I should teach. I still struggle with the language when this happens, but I can amost always get the point across.
4. Are you getting along with your companion?
Yeah, we get along great! obviously he does things that bug me, but I am sure that I do things that bug him too. But Elder Alejandre is a hard worker and a great teacher, and I am greatful to have him as a trainer!
5. What kind of foods are you eating, and do you love "real" mexican food?
We eat pretty well. We eat with members just about everyday and usually they cook pretty well. My favorite foods are what we eat when we go out though, One thing that we eat everyonce in a while is Carne Arabe: It is just meat that you put in corn tortillas, but it is really good! I have only had two bad measl: 1. Mole de panza (the pig stomach) 2. this one sister in the ward (who is probably more than 80 years old) cooked us a bowl of unsalted flavorless vegetables, and bony, soggy fish in some sort of soup or broth. it was interesting, we have 4 missionaries in the ward and we all ate that, the other three missionaries got a little bit sick (luckily I was fine).

Language story: last night, we sang for a few minutes in the ward choir, the choir director asked me if I wanted to sing Bass or Tenor, I told him "No me importa". I though that that phrase was a polite way of saying "It doesnt matter", but in spanish it is the equivalent to saying: "I dont give a crap". But he understands that I am a gringo haha.

Con amor,
Èlder Davis

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