Sunday, December 8, 2013

December 2nd

Wow, i didn`t even know that it was thanksgiving last week until after it happened! But happy belated Thanksgiving! And happy birthday Kannon (a little early)!!!

We had some changes this week. We are now a companionship of 3 missionaries. Elder Rivera is a missionary from the Honduras that is now with me and Elder Torres. He has been waiting for his visa for about a year to come to Mexico. during that year he was serving as a missionary in his own country while he was waiting for his visa to arrive and he is happy to finally be here in Mexico! It is kind of funny because he speaks spanish differently. He uses some different words that aren`t used here in Mexico... and I only know mexican spanish. Elder Torres from the Domincan republic also speaks spanish with a different accent and the both of them are hard to understand.

Something cool happened the other day. We were walking down streets and we decided to talk to a lady that was standing in front of her house. We invited her to the Christmas Devotional next sunday. As she started walking back to her house, she told us that it is really sweet and that she would try to go, then she yelled "Christina!! the Elders are here". Then her daughter Christina (about 35 years old) walked out. She told us that she had already listened to the missionaries before and that she was a about to get baptized but then she had some problems and had to move. She said that she would like to start going to church again. The only problem is that she needs get married or separate from her husband (and right now she can`t decide which). But the Lord will lead us to people that are prepared to recieve the gospel if we open our mouths.

In Preach my Gospel, I read something interesting. In Chapter 6 Christlike Attributes, under the section of Charity, it says that if we are truly charitable, we will have a desire for the salvation of others and that we will have a desire to share the gospel with them.

I hope that you all have the desire to share the gospel and are acting on that desire. I also hope that you all are always prepared to share and to help others. The leaders of the church right now are trying to get the members to do more of the missionary work... I hope you guys are hastening this change, not hindering it. Right now, it is a bit difficult working in a ward where the members really don`t do anything. Imagine how many more souls could be saved if everyone worked in unity!

But I hope you know that I love you all so much and I am looking forward to hear your voices on Christmas! Until next week!

Elder Davis

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