Sunday, December 22, 2013

Week of December 16yh

Well, last week was the end of the transfer and tomorrow I will recieve a new companion but I will still be working in the same area, in the ward Teotlaltzingo. Also tomorrow, another pair of missionaries are going to arrive and work in the same ward as us. But right now we are having some success!

Right now, we are teaching a blind woman, Araceli, and her son, Marco, and they want to be baptized. Cristina, the investigator that we found that had already been listening to the missionaries also wants to get baptized. And this week we found 3 other promising investigators.

As I believe I told you last week, Elder Johnson of the quorum of the 70 spoke to us a little bit ago, and since we have been trying a lot more to talk to people about the gospel. It has been interesting. In our area, we always take public transportation, so we have been announcing the gospel to 13 or 14 people at a time. Usually about 10 percent of the people say that we can go by their house one day and chat, but 9 out of 10 people that say yes either give us a fake address, or say that they are almost never home. So, if you did the math, that means that about 1 out of every 100 people that we talk with becomes an investigator. But it is pretty fun talking to random people on the street and in the bus about the gospel.

Another interesting this week. There was a holiday on thursday called "El Día de la Virgen" (meaning: The day of the Virgin)... "the virgin" is the virgin Mary. The catholics here worship the virgin mary, and on thursday, people had parties, they drove around in trucks decorated in portraits of the virgin, and they did fireworks,
The traditions of the people are very different. Also, they believe in the "Saints", which are just famous Catholic guys. Every once in a while, they celebrate one of the Saints by getting a group of people together, including a mariachi band, and they walk around the streets playing mariachi music while holding a portrait of the saint that they are celebrating.

I got the package that Grandma sent to me today... I haven´t opened it yet but Thanks Grandma!! I also got the letters that the young men sent to me. Thanks a lot! The Running Springs Branch Young Men are awesome!!

I love you all alot. Thanks for sending the photos this week! I can always do skype in a public internet cafe as a last resort, but right now we are looking for a member with skype... but the economic situation is a little bit difficult for the people here. Thank you for being and awesome family!!

Until next week!
Elder Davis

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