Sunday, December 29, 2013

Week of December 23rd and Christmas!

We got to speak with Shane through "skpe" on Christmas day. The connection was terrible, there were sirens and ice cream trucks with music in the background and the video image was very blurry. But, we did get to hear his voice and kind of see him.

He is doing great! He looks good, his hair is very blonde from being outside all the time. He is enjoying his mission and his companion. He loves the work he is doing. He sends his love to all family and friends. He is grateful for all letters and gifts that people have sent. He loves receiving letters and emails!

This was Shane's Letter on Monday, December 23:

I hope that you are all having an awesome Christmas time! because I know i am... even though christmas here is pretty different.  I feel like the people here celebrate the Virgen Mary more than they do our Saviour. But there is no better way to feel the christmas spirit that talking to people about Christ!

On Tuesday I recieved my new companion, Elder Garrido, from Panama. He is a short guy, like 5`4 or 5`5 but he plays great soccer, and we get along pretty good.

Its a little bit interesting splitting an area (meaning that there are 4 missionaries where there once was 2) because we now only have half of the investigators that we had before. Now we gotta work hard to find new people to teach.

On thursday I got pretty sick for a little bit. I must have eaten something bad, after vomiting for about 2 hours, then I fell alseep for 12 or 13 hours and woke up feeling fine the next day.

I am excited to chat with you guys this wednesday! I am going to call you guys around 12:00 my time, which, from what dad told me is 9:00 in California. so be ready with the skype page open!!

I guess that we`ll chat more on  wednesday! I love you all!

Elder Davis

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