Sunday, April 13, 2014

Week of 4/7/14

Hello all! This week in many ways was a great week, and in others not so good. My companion got sick for a little while, but now he feels better! Over the weekend the General Conference was awesome usual! Our church leaders are great examples for us all. I feel like I recieved so much inspiration about things that I need to do better. I wrote down every thing that I felt or was invited to do by the general authorities, and there are a lot of things!

Dad asked about a tradition that the missionaries do when they hit the year mark. Well, in this mission we burn a white shirt, and at 2 years they burn a suit (which I don´t think I am going to do unless it is completely destroyed). I am still indecisive about burning a shirt... I feel like it´s kind of a waste.

It is wierd to think that next week, I will have hit the year mark in the mission! The first year went by super fast, and from what I have heard, the second year goes by even faster! I have been told that time hasn´t been going by all that fast for you guys, but for me, time has been flying! Two years really isn´t all that much time.

Dad also asked me about my Spanish. Right now, I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on the spanish grammar (I have studied almost every single page of the grammar book that they gave us in the MTC). But my accent I think still needs a bit of work. I feel like I am pretty understandable if I don´t try to talk fast, but I think that I still have a somewhat strong accent. But there is a huge diffeence between now and a couple months ago. I am trying to improve my accent a little bit everyday.

In General Conference, there were some funny accents. I couldn´t even understand Carlos Amado´s english, but the one guy with the last name of Aidukaitis (or something like that) had a super crazy and funny accent, but super understandable.

But, I love you all! I´ll talk to you all a bit more next more next week! I am going to keep working hard in bringing souls to Christ! I know that Christ lives and that he loves us, and that he is very patient and merciful with each one of us!

I love you all kind of a lot!
Elder Davis

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