Sunday, June 8, 2014

6/2/14 Tlaxcallan 2, with Elder Ramirez

Good afternoon everyone! I was excited to hear about Kannon´s mission call!!!! I am super excited for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is super soon! You are leaving in 2 months and that is not a long time! Something that I realized in the mission is that two years really is not a long time. I am going home in 10 months, and that does not seem like a long time for me. But work hard and remember: good missionary is measured by his dedication to improve his weeknesses and lose himself in the work.

This week is the last week of the transfer, so as usual, I´ll tell you guys who goes and who stays next week. Me and Elder Ramirez have an unexplainable feeling that they are going to kick us out of the area and put sister missionaries here. Because this area would be perfect for sisters.

This week was a pretty good week. We started finding a good amount of new investigators this week. We have one investigator that is going to be baptized on the 14th. And Elena, the investigator that has to quit smoking is starting to progress a lot better because she finally has a close friend in the ward. If an investigator doesn´t have a friend in the church, they will have a hard time progressing.

We had an interesting experience with one the members in the ward. There is one member, Janet, who has some emotional problems. She is always mad at everyone and she scolds everyone and is the cause of a lot of people not going to church anymore. So she started harassing Berenice, who was baptized recently, and we don´t really know why. But Berenice still stays strong. The Janet keyed Berenice´s car (very mature right?). Berenice has every reason to get angry and stop going to church, but luckily she doesn´t. For me, that is good example of someone that doesn´t get offended. In the world, I have seen too many people that get offended way too easily, that look for reasons to get angry. To get offended is a choice. And there are too many people that stop going to church because they let themselves get offended.

Well, I am still super excited about Kannon´s call! Prepare well and get ready to work hard! My hour´s up but I hope that all goes well for you all. I hope that you enjoy the spice mexican candy (if you don´t like it, don´t worry, it´s an acquired taste). Tell Cole congratulations for me!

Hasta la próxima semana!
Elder Davis

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