Sunday, June 15, 2014

9/6/14 Tlaxcallan 2 with Elder Ramirez

Good afternoon everyone!

As I said last week the transfer is ending! I will be staying here in Tlaxcallan 2, but Elder Ramirez is leaving! So tomorrow I will be recieving a new companion. So i´ll tell you all about him next week.

We are starting to see a lot of progress in this ward. They are starting to participate more and more in missionary work. The ward mission leader is starting to do more plans with the ward to befriend the people we teach. The members started doing family home evenings in their homes and they bring their friends and we bring our investigators. The members of the ward are getting better, but they´ve still got a long way to go.

This Saturday, we have a baptism planned for Rafael. He is the ex-husband of a recent convert in the ward, Lucresia. She was baptized in February, she has 5 children, of whom Rafael is the father. Right now Lucresia and Rafael are good friends,, and he has just recently made the decision to be baptized. He remembered really well everything that we taught him and he has a testimony, but in the last visit we found out that he just needs to repent for a few things before his baptism. So if he does that he´ll be ready for baptism this Saturday... everything depends on him right now. So next week i´ll let you guys know how everything plays out.

Something awesome about the mission is just teaching people the gospel according to their individual needs. Every morning during companionship study, we talk about each person that are going to teach that day. We talk about their needs, and what is it that they need to learn and understand about the gospel. And then we go out and teach. The spirit helps us know the words we need to use, the scriptures that we need to share, the questions we need to ask, etc. That is why it´s important to study the gospel, because if you don´t understand it you can´t apply to the individual needs of the people you teach.

So next week i´ll let you all now how everything plays with the baptism and with my new companion. I sent Dad a Father´s Day card today, I hope it gets there soon. But I love you all! And i´ll talk to next week!

wubby wubby
Elder Shane Davis

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