Sunday, October 19, 2014

10/6/2014 Almecatla 1a with Elder Rivera

Buenas tardes everyone. I hope that you enjoyed conference. I learned a ton. Each conference I can say with more surety that the liders of the church are chosen by God himself, and through them He guides this church.

This week we had some interesting experiences and some miracles.

Last Monday we found two new investigators that are awesome! We taught them this week about the restoration of the gospel, and they really like the message. They got excited when they heard that there is a prophet in these days, and even more excited when they found out that he would be speaking on Saturday and Sunday. We have another appointment with them tonight. They are receptive and look like they are going to progress pretty well.

One interesting experience we had this week happened one day walking to an appointment. We were going to teach J.C,  a less active member and his wife and kids who aren`t members. While walking to the appointment we saw J and his 11 year old daughter,  also walking to their house so we walked with them. Then a guy walking in the street, who was obviously drugged made an inappropriate remark to the daughter... that was a bad idea. J got super angry, pulled the guy aside, and decked him right in the side of the head. The guy fell straight to the floor... That wasn`t probably not the most christlike way to handle things. J got scolded him when he got home.

And now a funny experience. We started talking a an old guy about the gospel. And he felt inspired to recite to us the 10 commandments, and the way he did it was funny."thou shalt love god with all thy heart, mind and strength. Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. thou shalt remember the party, to keep it holy..." Apparently, one of the beliefs of the people here is to sanctify their parties... and even the catholic bible that is sold here says it. I am still left with the doubt of how they keep the party holy.

And, a small miracle. As you may know, in mexico, we don`t knock doors here to talk to people, we talk with them in the streets, busses, stores, etc. One day we went to the Atm machine to take out money, and there was a line of at least 10 people. We waited until we were about the 5th or 6th in line, and then we talked with everyone in the line. They weren`t going anywhere, so they couldn`t run from us. I think that the Lord used us to plant some seeds in the hearts of those people, because a few of them even asked us for pamphletts to read about the church.

So, the mission is awesome! I am learning alot from this great experience and I am sure that Kannon will be doing the same. Later this week they are going to tell us the news about transfers, who leaves and who stays. So next week I`ll let you guys know. But I love you all a ton!

Elder Shane

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