Sunday, March 22, 2015

Week of 3/16/2015 shane's birthday!

Hola familia, thanks for the birthday wishes, so far it´s been a good birthday. Today we went out to eat domino´s pizza. And then afterwards I took a power nap, which was one of the best naps that I have taken in my whole mission, because I have been kind of tired lately. The next two preparation days I am planning on visiting people from my old areas

This week we had a fun week talking to a bunch of people. We contacted more people this week than I ever have in my mission. So that was pretty fun, and we contacted everyone in the streets/stores/park benches etc. But we going to keep talking to everyone we can this week and we hope to find more people to teach this week.

Mom asked about food that I am craving... I think that I am craving the pasta that mom makes (chicken alfredo, pesto) and a burger from Blondie´s. If anything else come to mind I´ll let you guys know. Foods that I want to avoid when I get home are beans; potatoes, because they use a lot of potatoes here, but I would like some nice mashed potatoes because the mashed potatoes that I have had here are a joke.

About the itinerary for when mom and dad are here, I also have being thinking about a lot of ideas of places and people to visit and in these last two weeks I´ll make a more concrete plan.

Dad asked: is there anything we should bring down with us when we come to get you? I think my credit card, a little bit of room in your suitcases for souvenirs, anti-diarrheal medicine, hand sanitizer.

Dad also asked about Public transportation versus renting a car. I think that it would be a lot easier with a car. We are going to be going to places about and hour or two from puebla, and public transportaion here is a chaos. We could do everything we need to do in public transportation, but it would take longer. Whichever one you guys want, we´ll make it work.

Anyways, I think that would be all for now! Thank for the birthday wishes. My companion and I are going to work hard this week! I love you all!

Until next week,
Elder Shane Davis

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