Sunday, March 29, 2015


Well, Ia now entering into my last week in the mission field! It´s exciting but a little bit wierd. I think that the wierdest part is saying that my mission is already ending, because I really don`t feel like I am leaving yet. But I intend to make this a good week.

I am writing early today because later we are going to go and visit some people from last areas.

This last week we had a great week. We found a good amount of new people to teach. We started teaching a family that seems very receptive: Lidia and Fernando. And we also started teaching some active members´ friends, an old guy that owns a thrift store, and another very receptive lady. So we are going to teach them the best we can and see if they make the decision to progress.

I think I told you guys a little while ago about Rafael, Jesica, and Maria Karina. They have been progressing well and going to church. Rafael is just about ready for baptism.

Last week I thought up a bunch of places and people that we can visit and a bunch of different foods to eat when mom and dad are here.

I love the mission! I love the gospel and know it´s true! This is truly the Lord`s Church!

Until next week,
Elder Shane Davis

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