Sunday, March 1, 2015

Week of 2/23/2015

Buenas tardes mi querida familia!

First off, I am now with my new companion and most likely my last companion, Elder Trillo, from Lima, Peru (see picture). He is also a new district leader, so I am helping him learn how to be a district leader. Elder Trillo has been in the mission for about 6 months, (so around Kannon`s time in the mission). He is a great companion and a funny guy. I am happy to have him as my last companion. It was also nice having a companion that isn`t sick. We could actually work hard this week without having to worry about sicknesses.

I think I told you guys a little bit ago about a family that we started teaching, things are going well. They are all progressing well, and we think we are going to set a baptism date. They seem to be having a true conversion.

And about the homecoming topic. I think that the topic that Dad suggested me is great, about the gospel changing lives. But I think that I would change it just a little bit and call it Conversion. I can teach the doctrine of conversion using experiences from the mission

Anyways, This week is going to be a good week. Love you all! And by the way, my package got here ¡por fin! about two months longer than normal (see picture). The goldfish were delicious and I like the ties. Thank you!

until next week!
Elder Davis

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