Sunday, September 29, 2013

¡Hola familia! 9/23/13

This past week has been a pretty good week! We taught a lot people worked hard and improved a lot!

There are a lot of less-active members here. There are more less actives then actives. There are several reasons why people stop going to church. Some of the common reasons are: they don't have a testimony, someone offended them, the missionaries that baptized them didn't teach them well, and there are a few that are just dumb. We started teaching a family this week, she is a single mom inactive in the church with two unbaptized sons,  they are both good kids.

We taught another less-active member of the church a while ago that got baptized to have more friends and to "give the missionaries baptism points". And now we are trying to reactivate her.

This week, we had chicken butt soup. By butt, I mean the anus, the gross part; so we ate chicken anus soup. It was chewy and it felt weird but it didn't taste bad. Every day is a new adventure.

This week I realized that I need to teach better. I realized that I was teaching lessons, and covering the material that we need to teach. I wasn´t really teaching to the needs of the people. So I studied a bit on what I can do to improve, and the Preach My Gospel says that to teach with power, a missionary needs 4 things: needs to know the mission language well, know the doctrine well, develope Christlike attributes, and depend on the Spirit. The first three I have constantly been improving a little bit at a time, but the difficult thing to do is depend on the spirit. There are countless scriptures that say that the spirit teaches, not us. That is a process that I think every teacher of the gospel has: to learn to let the spirit teach through them. Sometimes I think that I know the doctrine and the language well enough and then I forget to let the Spirit do it´s job. I have been trying to improve and I already feel that I am improving a lot but I still have so much to learn.

This is the last week of the transfer (a transfer is six weeks). At the beginning of each transfer are the changes. By next monday I´ll know if I am leaving or staying, and if i´ll be getting a new companion, but I wont know where or who. So i´ll tell you next week!

If you guys want, you can make a list of 10 or more questions of things that you want to know.

Thank you for the emails this week! I am glad that everything is going well at home! The mission is awesome and I am super greatful for this opportunity to serve the Lord and labor in his work!

Until Next week!
Elder Davis

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