Sunday, September 1, 2013

Week 14

This week has been a good, but interesting week.

We found a new investigator this week. He contacted us in the street, he told us how much he delights in reading the Bible and how he lets Heavenly Father flow through him. He is super excited about reading the bible. when he is not working, or sleeping, he is reading the bible. He is a very interesting cuate (spanish for guy). Every time we go to teach him, before he lets us say a word, he speaks for about 15 minutes about a lot of his beliefs accompanied with very dramatic hand gestures, powerful voice inflections (He is pretty much yelling), and a lot of enthusiasm. In other words, I have never seen anybody so excited about the bible. He accepts everything that we teach, and wants to get baptized, but first he needs to marry his "wife". The other day, while he was discoursing and telling us how much light God has brought into his life, he told us that he used to be involved a lot of shady things. He found God and changed a whole lot; and we are helping him change even more.---remind me after the two years and i´ll tell you more. its amazing that God can change peoples lives so much!

We have one investigator, Olga, who used to belong the Cristiana church... a church that speaks in the "gift of tongues" (meaning they babble really loudly and call it a gift from God). Olga has already abondoned her old church, so she felt comfortable to make fun of it this week. She said that half of the people when they "speak in tongues" always say SHABBADABBADOO!! Apparently that means something... but the problem is that they dont have the gift of interpretation.

The true gift of tongues is a gift that God gives to people through His Spirit that helps us speak in unfamiliar languages to help others come to Christ. So unless it helps other come unto Christ, it is not the gift of toungues. God has given me the gift of tongues to help learn Spanish faster than I would on my own, so that I can preach His Gospel. Right now, I can say just about everything that I need to say without much problem. what I lack right now is that I cant understand much of what peope are saying, unless it is about the gospel, then I can understand most of it. But I feel that I have progressed a lot in the language!

Yesterday, I got to play the piano for sacrament meeting in church. I didnt to so good because I have practiced in 4 months, but the people here dont know any different. There is only one other person in the Ward that plays the piano, and he has his daughter play. 

Thank you all for the letters this week! Tell the Gunnoes that I got their letter this week, and thank them for me! Justine: good luck in High School, dont be that worried, Rim is better than MPH, always hang out with people that uplift you and respects your standards (also be someone that uplifts others). I love you all! Thank you for being such a awesome family!

√Člder Davis

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