Sunday, September 15, 2013

Week 16 (I think)

¿Qué pasa familia?

This week was a pretty good week.

We have two relatively new investigators that we have been teaching for 2 or 3 weeks. Gloria and her daughter Teresa are family a convert in our ward. Teresa 20 is years old (looks a little older), and she is interesting. She talks like a 5 year old girl, wants to serve a mission, and is very "unique".

Our investigator Alejandro (the one that gets super excited when he talks about the gospel) is going to elope is going to go to some small town and elope with his "roommate" so that he can get baptized.

I think I told you guys about Ángel last week. He wants to join the church but we can never find him. And his parents really like angels: their house is full of paintings and little statues scantily clothed baby angels (you know, like the ones in every old person´s house), the people here are interesting.

I feel like I am starting to be able to communicate better in Spanish now. I am understanding a little more everyday, but some people speak fast and they dont pronounce their words well at all! The gift of tongues is a funny thing, it works just as hard as you do. If I dont study the language one day I cant speak Spanish as great that day; it isn´t that I know less Spanish that day, I just dont recieve as much help that day.

I am glad that all is going good for you guys! How is Justine doing in High School? Is Kannon Dating?

Dont worry, I havent gotten that sick in a while, and dont worry mom, I dont have to take special medicine to kill parasites.

One the members of the ward told me that he met the brady family from San Bernardino, California in Palmyra, New York. Tell them that Hermano Izquierdo says hey.

Kannon: I hope that you are always preparing for your mission. I hope that you are always studying th scriptures and seeking knowledge and understanding. Always try to improve your personal relationship with God. In D&C 93 (I cant remember the verse), God says that to the obedient, He give fulness of knowledge

I love you all more than I can express through email. You are an awesome family! thanks for the letters this week!

Élder Davis

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