Sunday, September 22, 2013

Week of September 15th

Hello all!! ¿Qué onda vatos? (In mexican spanish, that means: what´s crackin homies)

Well i guess I´ll start by telling a cool experience that happened this week. There is one family in the ward that is a pretty good family, the Velez Aguilar family, which consists of the mom, Claudia and her two sons, David (15 years old) and Carlos (11). The mom is mostly active in the church, but has trouble waking up at 8 in the morning. Her son, David, is a really good kid, he studies the gospel a lot, and he tries to share it with his friends (something that I wish I did when I was 15). We visited them to talk to David about his friends and sharing the gospel, but the lesson became sort of a counseling session. Claudia complained to us that David wasnt that respectful to her in the home, and that he didnt do his dishes. Then David started complaining about her a bit.

The funny thing about this story is the way that they complained about eachother. They would complain, but rather than show emotion or cry or something normal like that, they laughed. It went something like: "He is very respectful to other people hahaha, but he doesnt respect me that much hahaha". And david would reply "that is not true! hahaha I respect you in the house hahaha!"... All I can say is that it was interesting. So we had them say 5 different things that they love about one another and then they could say specifically what they wanted the other to do different, then we talked about charity. The gospel blesses families so much!

In the mission, they just changed something... before, investigators had to attend church 2 times and then they could be baptized, but now they have to attend 5 different times. They did that because there are too many converts in the church that stop attending shortly after baptism because they dont understand the importance keeping the Sabbath Day Holy. Right now, we have two investigators that want to be baptized, Olga and Alejandro, but because of this rule, we are going to wait a couple more weeks before their baptism.

Lately I have been feeling like I am understanding a lot more español. When we are talking about the gospel, I can understand just about everything and I can say just about everything that I need to!

The Lord is hastening his work. Missionary work today is bigger than at any other time! I am greatful for this opportunity to participate in the Lord´s work! Thank you all for all the support! I am glad that all is well at home! I love you tons!

Elder Davis

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