Sunday, October 6, 2013

Letter From Shane, week of October 1st

This week was an interesting week. Tomorrow I am going to recieve a new companion, but I am still staying in the Atempan Ward. But I wont have any idea who he is until tomorrow. But its alright, Elder Alejandre has been my companion for more than 4 months, which is a little longer than usual.

Now to answer your questions:
1. We want to know more about the people there: are they poor, what is the typical lifestyle and how does it different from us?
-The area that i am in right now is one of the richer areas in our mission, but the standards of living are a bit lower than they are in the states. The average house is small, has two floors and an accesible roof. everything is concrete, carpet is pretty rare, but the carpet that does exist is old and gross. Not many people cars, and most of those that do have cars cant afford to fix them or maintain them. They dont maintain the roads very well. 
2. How far do you have to walk everyday.
-We walk just about everywhere, i think we walk 5 or so miles everyday. There are some places that are a bit too far to walk, so we talk something called a combi. Combis are these vans that are everywhere, they are just a little bus, you pay them $5.50 pesos (which is less than 50 cents in US dollars) and they drive us. But over all, we walk alot.
3. We want to know more about the weather. Does it rain? is it hot, humid, etc.
-Right now, it rains a lot just about everyday, when the sun is out, it gets a little bit hot, about 80 or 85 degrees, and it gets a little bit cold at night. I believe that the rainy season is gonig to end in October or November.
4. What is your favorite food there?
-I like just about all of the food here, but it is really different from the states. We eat one of four or five things just about everyday. Pozole: this soup that the make out of corn, I have no idea what they do to the corn but it looks like teeth. Milanesa: which is chicken that they somehow flatten down to be really thin. Often they chicken and salt into boiling water and give it us. And carne asada, which is just cow. we eat every one of those meals with corn tortillas and salsa
5. do you have to cook sometimes, if so what do you make?
-We almost never cook... I sometimes make eggs or pancakes, sometimes I make a sandwich, but that is about it.
6. Have you gained any weight, or have you grown any? Are you able to work out ever?
-I haven´t seen a scale since i left the MTC in Utah, so I really dont know, but I dont think that my weight has changed much. I exercise sometimes in the morning, but not as much as I should.
7. Are there any foods you are craving from back home?
-Everything home cooked.
8. what do you want for Christmas, if we are able to send a package? 
-I would be happy with anything. But I also left a lot of my ties at home in a bin in the basement... I getting bored of the same 10 ties that I have because that is the only variety I have in what I wear.
9. Have you had to use your atm account or anything? Are you surviving on the money they give you.
-No, I haven´t had to use it yet, I am doing alright with the money that we get.
10. Are you starting to like mexican music?
-Not really. All of the mexican music includes a tuba, an accordion, and a singer with a wierd voice, its kind of wierd. 

Well everything is going pretty well. I hope that all goes well with the company (freaken obama). I used up my hour typing and answering the questions. Next week I´ll tell you who my new companion is. The gospel is true! Jesus is our savior and this his one and only true church and he will come again in His glory... soon (that is exactly what the world needs right now)!

Elder Davis

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