Saturday, October 19, 2013

Week of October 14th

Well yesterday I had to give a talk in church for the first time in the mission. I decided to talk about obedience to our ward. One of the things that I shared was that we obey because we love God and we love our neighbor(see Matthew chapter 22) and that all of the laws and commandments given to us are based on this love. You can measure how much you love God by how obedient you are. I think the talk turned out alright, and I didnt mess up too many times in Spanish!

Right now, we have a lot of investigators that have so many problems. For example: We haven´t seen our investigator Angel for about a month, maybe more; Olga separated from her husband that used to beat her but she keeps going back every Sunday to talk about their problems rather than attending church; Alejandro is a flake, we always set appointments with him but he isn´t there; we have one investigator, Georget (11 years old) that wants to sin more before she gets baptized... and so on. Missionary work is difficult, but they all need a lot of help coming to Christ and that is what we are here for. The work is difficult, but the truth is, there isn´t anything in the world that I would rather be doing right now!

By the end of this week, I will have been in the mission for 6 months! that is already a 4th of the mission, I know that it doesn´t sound much but it went by pretty fast!

ever since the day I got here in mexico, it has rained almost everyday... but I think that it is almost over! Almost everyday it rains a bit, but every couple days it pours super hard. One of those days was tuesday when we were walking home from a little bit far away (like 20 minutes walking). It started to pour harder than I have ever seen it rain in the states. When it rains that hard there is really nothing that you can do to keep dry. I was wearing a rain jacket, but my companion and I got soaked so bad! It was pretty funny. At first we were running through the rain to get home faster, then it got to the point that we couldn´t have gotten any wetter, so we just walked through flooded streets. That happens every once in a while. It is always pretty funny

But... yeah the mission is awesome! I feel like I have progressed faster in these 6 months than in any other time in my life! I just have two request for the package that you are going to send me: The ties that I have in one of the bins in the basement, and a jar of Nutella. And yeah, every once in a while a handrwritten letter would be awesome... but it takes like 2 months to get here.

Thank you all for the letter I love you all so much, you are an awesome family!

Until next week,
Elder Davis

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