Sunday, October 13, 2013

Week of October 7th

This was a pretty good week! I recieved a new companion, Elder Fonseca. He is a pretty great missionary. He has been in the mission for 7 months (only a little bit more than me). Elder Fonseca is from Monterrey, Mexico (the same place as my last companion) and we get along pretty good and we work good together. I am still in the same place as where I began, Atempan ward, Chiautempan Stake in the Mexican state of Tlaxcala.

Today we and some other missionaries in our District went to small taco restaurant. This place had a lot of wierd tacos on the menu: Eye tacos, brain tacos, cow-head tacos, and cow tongue tacos, and then some normal tacos. So I decided to try an eye taco (see picture) and another Elder from Idaho decided to try a tongue taco. The eye taco just tasted like chewy goo with salt and salsa it was interesting, but not bad. I still dont know which animal the eye came from, but I would think that it would taste the same coming from any type of animal.

Now I have a little story to share. On Wednesday, I and Elder Fonseca went to visit Herman Norma, a 70 year old sister in the ward. There is a rule in the mission manual that says that we cant enter any house if there is not an man with us or in the house, even if the situation doesnt seem like it would be a problem. Norma was in the house with her two grand daughters, so told her about the rule and then she told us that her son-in-law was going to be in the house the next day, thursday. So on thursday, we went back to visit her, and we found her and a friend of hers in the house too (the son-in-law was in the house sleeping). So we taught her friend and she now wants to hear more about the gospel. The point of the story is that if we stayed and taught Norma on wednesday, disregarding the rule (and remember that she is 70), we wouldn´t have found her friend the next day.

The Lord blesses us when we are obedient. But we won´t know the blessings of obedience until we are obedient (I believe David A Bednar talked a bit about that Saturday at the General Conference).

The conference was awesome over the weekend. Luckily, for the English-speaking missionaries, we were able to watch the conference separately in English. President Monson is the prophet of God in these days. God still speaks with us, His childern today just as much as he did in Biblical times. Just as Dieter F Uchtdorf said: the fulness truth is here, the priesthood is here, forgiveness of sins is here, and we invite all to join!

Well thank you all for the letters this week! I am glad that all is going well at home! Good luck with everything! Until next week!

Elder Davis

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