Monday, October 21, 2013


First, I´ll answer the questions that Dad asked:
-What kind of superstitions do the people have?
   One thing that they do that is wierd is for two days after halloween, on November 1st and 2nd, they have a holiday called Día de los Muertos (Day of the dead). What people have told me is that the spiritual world and our world are the closest on those two days. And to honor their ancestors that have died, the put food in front of their houses as an offering. Then after the two days are over they eat the food.
   The other thing is the Virgin Mary. All of the catholics here believe that Mary answers their prayers. And just about everybody in this part of Mexico is Catholic. About 95 percent of the people here are catholic and they really aren´t open to learn about anything else.
-Besides nuttela, is there any other food item mom should send?
   Well, nothing that would be able to get her safely from the US.
-Do they have dreams they tell you about?
   yes. I believe that I told you about "O...." a bit, the crazy christian lady. She always tells us about her dreams. some good examples of what her dreams are: A tree talked to her and told her where to go, she dreamed that her husband tried to kill her (and she said that the next day it happened), she dreamed that she should not join the church of the Jehova´s Witnesses. Later she told us that while she was in the bathroom, the voice a woman came from her shower, whispering her name. I´ll tell you more of her dreams when she has more, but "O" is an extreme example. other people have dreams and things, but not nearly as much as her.
-Do the girls flirt?
   not really. Sometimes, in mocking tones they try to speak English (all that they know how to say is "Hello, how are you? my name is ...")

Right now, I feel like I can understand most everything and I can say without trouble everything that I need, the only thing that I lack is my accent. Sometimes I say something or ask a question, and the person doesn´t understand, so they look at my companion, and in the exact same wording, he repeats what I just said. It´s pretty funny. I guess with time my accent will fade.

Something about missionary work is that improvement comes with time. If we are doing everything we can to improve everyday, over time... we will be awesome! But if we are not doing everything we can to improve, we will see little or no progress over the course of long periods of time. The reason we left our heavenly home with God to come here to the earth, is to become more like Him, to progress a little bit at a time until perfection. But we can´t do that without Christ.

Well, I love you all! Thank you again for your letters and encouragement!

Until next week!!
Elder Davis

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