Sunday, November 3, 2013

Week of October 28

This week was a little bit interesting. As of right now, all of our investigators are super difficult to find in their house. Just about everytime that we have an appointment with one of them, they either cancel or they aren´t in their house... so every time that happens, we go and visit a less-active member (someone who doesn´t go to church). So for that reason, we are having success among the less actives, but not so much among the nonmembers. 7 of the less actives went to church this Sunday, but none of our investigators... Nevertheless, that is still success in one area, but we still need to improve in the other.

Lately, the leaders of the church have been telling the members and the missionaries to work together in unity in missionary work. In the Liahona Magazine, they said that our job as missionaries is to help the members to do the work, not vice versa. That is something difficult because all of the members are used to having the missionaries doing all of the missionary work, and in my ward right now, there are very few members that do anything in terms of missionary work. I encourage you all to not be those members!! The members should be the ones doing to missionary work and telling us how we can help. This gospel is the only thing that can help people resolve their problems completely! If we open our mouths and share it a little and show our light, people will come.

The adjustment of missionary work is going a bit slow right now. In The Book of Mormon, in the scripture Alma 31:30, the prophet Alma is praying and he asked the Lord "how long wilt thou suffer that such wickedness and infidelity shall be among this people?" I am sure that President Monson is also praying for us in a similar manner: "how many times do I need to tell them to work in unity before they actually do it. How many souls  could have been saved if the members and the missionaries worked together for the salvation of souls?"

Well anyways, today for Pday, we played some soccer in the morning, then we went to Little Ceasars. We play soccer almost every Pday, its pretty fun. After two years of this, I might not be bad at soccer when I get back.

well thank you to all you guys for the emails this week (except kannon)! In the next email that you all send me, I want to hear what each one of you are doing to participate missionary work and how you are helping the Lord "hasten His work".

I love you all muchísimo (alot)

Elder Davis

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