Sunday, November 17, 2013

Week of November 11th, 2013

Well, first off: Tomorrow, I will finally be leaving my first area! I have been here about six months which is a bit longer than normal. Normally people are in one area for about 2 or three months. But I won´t have any idea where I am going until tomorrow... so that means you guys won´t have any idea until next Monday.

On Saturday we had an interesting lesson. We contacted some people and they were willing to listen to us. When we entered the house there was no light (they forgot to pay the bill), and there were about 5 or 6 people in the room and they all had wierd questions about our church. One guy asked us about our position on gay rights and so we told him. then he argued that anything is ok as long as both are in agreement. Then they started arguing some other awkward things that all have to do with the law of chastity, it was interesting, all taught in dark room.

On Wednesday I did splits with another missionary in our district (meaning we switched companions for a day). And we taught a guy that was born in Mexico, then lived in the US for 20 years, and he is back here in Mexico. I think that I speak better Spanish than he does, he forgot everything. So we taught him in English. I was weird teaching someone in English but it was fun! After speaking nothing but Spanish, it is fun to speak English with people, such as the other american missionaries.

After about 5 weeks of hard work with little success, this week we had quite a bit of success! We had 5 investigators and 7 Less active members attend church this Sunday! And one of the investigators called us and told us that "I have decided that I want to be baptized". The sad thing is that I am leaving the area tomorrow. But what I learned is that if we work hard, we will have success after time, not right away, but in the Lord´s time.

Well that ends my hour. I talked to Ynez and apparently people make fun of her accent too (hahaha). Kannon: Next week I want to hear what you are doing to prepare for your mission, because the better you prepare yourself, the more effective you will be as a servant of the Lord. Thank you all for your love words of encouragement!

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