Sunday, November 24, 2013

Week of November 18th

Well, I guess I gotta tell you all a little bit about my new area. Right now I am in the Ward of Teotlaltzingo (have fun saying that one) in the stake of Tlaxcala. This area is quite a bit different from my last. My last area was in small city, now i am in a place that reminds me a little bit of Idaho. There is a lot of space, a lot of farms. there are small cities in my area scattered around in the land filled with nothing (like Idaho). There is a lot more poverty here; a lot of people that struggle to feed their families, but there are also a lot of rich people too that live in large houses.

I also have a 17,000 foot mountain in my area, called Iztaccihuatl (see picture). It is a little too big to climb on a Pday but it is pretty cool to look at. The people seem to be a little bit more receptive here than my last area, less rejection.

But the interesting thing about these small towns here is that every weekend they party. With loud mariachi band music and a lot of alcohol. Yesterday we say around 20 to 30 drunk people walking in the streets, some of them were completely passed out on the floor. The drunks seem to like talking to the missionaries, especially the white g├╝ero (blonde) missionary with an american accent. They always yell at us and offer us a drink. An old lady (she wasn`t drunk, she was just crazy) offered to let me marry her granddaughter when I come back to Mexico... She was this dirty and impoverished 12 year old girl. This place is really interesting.

My new companion`s name is Elder Torres, from the Dominican Republic. I sent a picture of us helping some members in the corn field; Elder Torres is the one wearing a green jacket on the left. He is pretty good companion, he works hard and we get along pretty well.

I think that this new area is going to be an adventure! By the way, I got the package that you sent me on Tuesday, thanks for everything that you guys sent me! I love you so much!

Until next week,
Elder Davis

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