Sunday, November 10, 2013

Hello family!

Well, this is that last week of the transfer (6 weeks), so next monday in my letter I will be able to tell you if I am leaving this area or staying. I am pretty sure that I am leaving because I have almost been here in the Atempan ward for 6 months, but we´ll know for sure next week.

My companion, Elder _______ during these past 5 weeks has tried my patience a bit. He is a great missionary, but he tries patience a bit (details don´t matter). So I have learned to be a bit more charitable and patient in the past few weeks. After I let go of some of the things that bothered me, I could feel the Spirit´s guidance increase. There is always something that wee need to give up or to sacrifice, something that is between us and God. Maybe it is 30 minutes to read the scriptures, maybe it is a funny joke that is a little less than appropriate, or gossip.

Today for Pday, our district of 8 missionaries decided to go to the Centro de Mercado (market center where people in tents sell low-quality items for cheap). It is always fun going there. All that I bought was a jacket for 90 pesos (about 8 dolllars). Mexico is an interesting place, quite a bit different than the US, Talking about Mexico, you should tell Alex Scullin congrats, both of my companions that I have had are from Monterrey.

In our mission, the Mexico Puebla North mission, About half of the male-missionaries are white (from The united states, mostly from Utah), the other half are from Mexico and other Latin countries. And there are also about 30 sister-missionaries, all of which are Latin. But apparently, next week, the first white-sister missionaries are going to arrive in the mission, which is wierd because I have´nt spoken to a women in english for almost 6 months.

Well, my hour just ran out. I hope all is well at home! You all are always in my prayers! I still didn´t get what I asked for last week: I want to know what each of you are doing individually to participate in missionary work! Well, I love you all so much!

Until next week,
Elder Davis

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