Sunday, March 9, 2014


Hello everyone! This week we had alright week. Thank you for all the letters! I still haven`t been able to send the handwritten letters that I wrote to you guys. There isn`t a post office nearby, so just to find one in a city that is somewhat close to our area.

I feel like I am starting to become a bit better in talking to people now. I don`t have problems with approaching people on the street and talking with them, but what I am trying to learn right now is to talk with more people in public transpotation. That is something that is a little bit harder for me but I feel like it is a challenge that I can overcome. In this mission and in many others in Mexico, we have been told to completely abandon knocking doors. Here, we contact people in the street, on busses, and it`s pretty fun learning to open my mouth and proclaim the gospel, going way out of the comfort zone.

One thing funny about this area (I may have told you before, but I don`t remember) , is that there are very few people walking in the streets. This area has about 7 or 8 small towns in it, they are all pretty quiet, and we can walk for 15 or 20 minutes without seeing a single person in the street. Here we can`t choose the people we want to talk to, we have to take advantage every time we see someone. One good thing about this area is that the people are receptive and I`d say that one in every 5 people say yes to the invitation to listen to us. The problem is that they are almost never in there houses because they are working, so when we pass by their houses, they usually aren`t there.

Right now, as I said in the last letter, i am trying to be more than just a good missionary, but an excellent missionary. We aren`t here in the world to accomplish mediocracy, but excellency. Our mission president asked us all "Are you willing to pay the price to be excellent". This principle can be applied to everyone. Now I ask you all the same thing: are you willing to pay the price necessary to be an excellent member/Young women/young man/counsellor/parent/disciple of Christ/future missionary? Are you all willing to make the changes and sacrifices to be better?

Thank you all for the support and your prayers! I love you all so much! I attatched another photo from the mountain (it took 20 munutes to download). My hours up but keep being awesome!

Hasta la pròxima semana!
Elder Davis

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