Sunday, March 23, 2014

Week of 3/16/2014

Well, I am 20 years old now. Yesterday was kind of funny, I didn´t even remember it was my birthday until 2 hours after I got up when my companion told happy birthday. But my birthday really didn´t feel different. Other than some members giving us cake, it just felt like a normal day, which isn´t a bad thing because I didn´t get distracted or sad.

On Saturday, they told me that I am being transferred. Tomorrow I am going to get my new companion and go to the new area, wherever it may be. But I am excited to have a new area! Saying goodbye to people in one area never is fun, but it´s going to be fun to get to know new people all over again! But, you guys will have to wait until next week to know where I am, and who I am with, so wait patiently!

This week, we saw some miracles. We found a bunch of new people to teach, 15 new investigators to be exact. Last week we talked to a lot of people in the streets about the gospel. Some of the people that we talked to happened to be relatives of an active family in the ward (the Arellano Castro Family). They accepted and a couple days later we returned and started teaching them. The Arellano Castro family was happy that we started teaching their relatives and then they felt encouraged and they presented us to some other relatives and they all started listening to us!

One thing that surprised me is that the Arellano Castro family never presented us to their family members before until just last week. I don´t know why they waited so long. The Church right now is pushing us to work through the members to find people to teach. And they are encouraging the members to work with the missionaries, to give the names of all of their friends and family members. Everyone that we know should have a chance to accept or reject the gospel. They also have told the members here that they shouldn´t judge someone before giving that person´s name to the missionaries, but everybody should hear the gospel, even if we think that that person will reject it. But the gospel is true, and the Lord is preparing people to hear it.

Today for Pday, we got permision from the mission president to go to Cholula (a city outside of the mission) with one missionary that is ending his mission (He goes home tomorrow). In Cholula, we got to see some pyramids, and we got to go inside one of them, it was pretty cool. The Spaniards that first got here built Catholic churches on top of the pyramids to show Christian dominance over the traditions and beliefs of the Natives that were already here. It´s an interesting story.

I attatched a photo from inside the pyramid (I´ll send more next week), and I attatched a photo of me cooking hamburgers for a farewell for Elder Strom, the elder going home.

Thank you all for the happy birthday wishes! I love you all a ton! You´ll find out about my new area and companion next week!!

Elder Davis

PS: I had to send the pictures in two separate emails

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