Sunday, May 11, 2014

Cinco de Mayo, 2014, Tlaxcallan 2, with Elder Ramirez

Hello everyone! I hope that all is well at home! Im a little bit jealous about mom and dad going to Hawaii. Maybe someday they´ll invite the kids someday.

This week we had the baptism of Berenice, Corina´s mom! Berenice is going to be a very strong member. She had been listening to the missionaries for about 10 months before she was baptized. Really, the only thing that she was missing for most of that time was more friendship and support in the church. Once we brought some members with us to the appointments and some Family Home Evenings, Berenice started feeling a lot more comfortable in the ward and then she started progressing. That shows the importence of friendship in the church. Having friends in the church is a good start to progression in the gospel.

Today is Cinco de Mayo, and the only thing different is that the children don´t go to school. Cinco de Mayo is a celebration for a victory that the people from Puebla had in a battle. But right now, I am not even in Puebla, I am in the state of Tlaxcala, which is a tiny state within the Puebla North mission. With that said, the people of Tlaxcala don´t really care a whole lot about Cinco de Mayo. But I think later there are going to be parties, because that´s what the people do here whenever there is any sort of holiday, weekend, or break, they play super loud Mariachi band music and get drunk. We might join them in the party if we get bored.

This week, there was a small flood. While the four of us elders in the ward were eating with one of the sisters of the ward, it started raining super hard. After we finished eating, we looked outside and noticed that the entire street was flooded. One of the drains got clogged and the whole street filled with about 8 inches or more of water. So we called Berenice, who at this time was about to be baptized, and she brought her car to pick us up and rescue us because that was a bit easier than getting wet.

So last week I told you guys I that I sent a letter to mom for Mother´s Day, they said that it would take 2 weeks, so i hope that it get´s there on time. But regarding the package, I still haven´t been able to send it. Today a bought some mexican things to send home. But I still need to find some more things to send home. But i´ll send it soon, don´t worry.

One of the rules that we have always had is that we can´t go into a house with anyone of the opposite sex without there being another adult male with us. So usually, if we are going to teach a women, we either bring a brother in the ward with us, or we teach outside. But now, we were informed that we can no longer teach a women without another adult male present even if we are outside, in a store, in a park, etc.; if we are going to teach a women there ALWAYS has to be another adult male present. So for us, given that we are teaching more than 10 women and 3 guys, we need to involve the brothers in the ward a lot more.So we´ll see how that goes. in the next coming weeks.

Well, I love you lots! and I can´t wait to talk to you guys on Saturday! I am going to call you guys at 11:00 your time. which is 1:00 my time. I hope that you guys still remember you skype account name and password. I love you all!

Talk to you Saturday!!
Elder Davis

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