Sunday, May 18, 2014

Week of 5/12/14

Hello family! I know that I spoke with you guys on Saturday, and not a lot has changed since then, but i´ll try to find something more to say.

Apparently our mission has a facebook page now (strictly for the use of the parents of missionaries or return missionaries, not for me). But you guys should take a look, maybe you´ll find me!

Well, right now things are going pretty good in our area. This week we found another family that wants to be baptized: the Otero family, which consists of the grandpa, Carlos, his two children (now adults) Carlos and Karla, and her two daughters Katya (12 years) and Bania (9 years). They already know that the church is true, but we just need to work with them to get them into the habbit of attending church, reading the scriptures, and so on. Learning to living the gospel, from what I have learned, takes time and help from the members of the ward.

I tried to offer money to the member that let us use her telephone, but she wouldn´t accept it no matter what I did.

Justine told me in her email that I have a bit of a mexican accent... is it true?? I feel like I talk the same. So while my accent in spanish is improving, my english is worsening. The other day we had interviews with the mission president, and we started my interview with a prayer, and I tried to do it in english, but it was pretty bad. I accidentally said some words in Spanish, and I had to think very hard to translate what I would normally say in Spanish into english. So I think that I am just going to stick with Spanish until I finish my mission.

Well, I guess that all that I have to say this week. Sorry that it was short, but I´m sure that you guys heard enough of me on saturday. Tell Kannon to write me something this week!! But I love you all and hope for the best! Until next week!

Elder Davis

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